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The Po Pod

Cyndi Po
“Speaker, Coach, Problem Solver - AKA "Momma Po"!  I've taken being a mom to a professional level. Guidance in health, nutrition, career,.....all aspects of life management, I will help you find the real solutions for the REAL problems that are keeping you from living the lifestyle you truly desire.”

Joe Po (Iron Joe)
“Kettlebell, TRX, Yoga (or as we call it, JOGA), Tai Chi Easy, Strength Training: Tools of the trade for me. My experience as a West Point Grad and as a Cpt in the 82nd Airborne taught me that staying at the top of your game is vital to success. I have a passion for fitness and a desire to help others be FIT in every aspect of their life; mind, body, and soul. No Excuses!”

Meghan Po  uh...I mean Meghan Nuccitelli
“I was a model and actress from the age of 14. I was fortunate to see so much of the world. Now I'm married to an amazing man and we own a restaurant in Brooklyn called Sociale. Check out our YouTube cooking channel

I am thrilled to be living my dream. The most important lesson I have learned is to have a great sense of self. A positive self-image is a gift that everyone should have. Be yourself and be proud! Never let anyone make you feel less than or define you by their standards. ”

Healthy, successful, self-confident, and energetic is the way we want you to go through every day of your life.

A healthy, happy life is built around these six pillars:

  • Movement
  • Fuel/Nutrition
  • Mindset/Stress Management
  • Financial/Professional
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

When you work on all six pillars in regards to any problem or goal, you will be successful.

Be Fearless  Be Gracious  Be Authentic